The Tale of Two Birthdays

June 18th, 2020|

I remember two birthdays of equal and conflicting importance. When I turned fifty, I felt the world owed me a big ass party. I wasn’t willing to leave [...]

Fear Is Only Ear To Ear

July 28th, 2017|

I loathe cowardice; but I am afraid of heights. I experience self loathing every time I trek to anywhere above 5 thousand feet. But I do climb with [...]

Why I Write

June 14th, 2017|

Why I Write For me being a writer is organic and not a choice. The need to tell stories was in place long before I became aware of [...]

Summer Dying

September 20th, 2016|

“Summer, you can feel it dying.” This is the opening sentence to Jerry Spinelli’s Space Station Seventh Grade. I use it at the beginning of the school year [...]

How I chose my cover.

September 14th, 2016|

American Family, my debut novel, is the story of two men, Richard Lawson and Michael Elson, struggling to gain custody of their biological daughter, Brady, who is in [...]

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